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Great GIFs of Van Halen & David Lee Roth

Craig Hlavaty  |

Van Halen’s first new set of material in 14 years, A Different Kind of Truth, is better than it should be. The guys could have slacked off on this and coasted on their legend — however tarnished it may be in the eyes of fair-weather fans — but Truth is no cash-in lightweight or mere excuse to sell merch and concert tickets.

The tour pulls into Houston and the Toyota Center this Sunday night with Kool & The Gang as co-headliners, as David Lee Roth is describing them. “They just get to play first,” sez Diamond Dave.

Whether or not this translates into harmony both live and behind the scenes remains to be sussed out; according to insiders, this current tour has been fraught with strife, with familiar wounds opening between the Van Halen family and lead singer Roth.

Until we actually see the guys come to blows in the media or onstage, though, we’ll chalk that up to textbook rumormongering, as is the norm around the band.

Roth made a few remarks on the bands recent scheduling changes coming up after the Houston date on a recent Vimeo clip. The group is also planning on being on the road the next two years. Fingers — of course — crossed.

While you are here, let’s gander at some great GIFs of Van Halen and Diamond Dave, shall we? Some of these are mesmerizing as hell, especially the ass-shaking one at the end. In a time full of recessions, political strife, public pooping, face-eating, and general uncertainty, we need DLR on the scene now more than ever. Those scissor-kicks, yelps, and naughty smiles can do more than any politician’s pen or smile.

Men, don’t worry – we will never be as cool as the man in these GIFs so we can all stop trying. Ladies, please refrain from jumping onto your work desk and stripping to “Panama” until your boss leaves for the day.

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